The best way to get the best deal on energy.

Contact us to see how our transparent, holistic approach can help you reach your energy goals and save an average of 17% on your energy costs.

What you see is what you get

Is your business getting the best deal on your energy supply?

With Breakerbox, you don’t have to wonder. We offer full transparency through the entire energy procurement process, helping you choose the right contract at the right price, helping you meet your energy goals. And we do it with no hidden fees, so you can rest assured that once you take the first step to work with us, your business is truly getting the best deal on your energy.

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A different kind of energy partner

You may have worked with third-party energy brokers before, but you’ve never worked with a partner like Breakerbox. We take an innovative, holistic approach to generate better results for our customers.

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Lock in a low price

We analyze data from a variety of sources and monitor the market to help you determine the best time to buy to maximize savings. We also provide a wider supplier selection than other brokers, so you have access to the most competitive bids.


Choose the right contract

Energy contracts often include complex terms and language. We help you minimize risk by calling out common contract pitfalls and highlighting contracts with the lowest expected lifetime cost.


Pay only fair, transparent fees

No surprises here — we provide full transparency into our fees, which are 40% less than the industry average.

Let’s be clear: What does full transparency really mean?

When we say we believe in full transparency, we mean it. Many brokers don’t disclose important details, such as:

  • Suppliers’ actual quotes
  • Broker fees
  • Change in market prices from year to year

By providing you with full transparency across the board, Breakerbox can help you choose the right energy plan from the right supplier, for the right term, with the right contract details — and ultimately help you save an average of 17% on your energy costs.

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